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{Craft} No Sew Tree Skirt

When Halloween rolled around, I was thinking about my childhood costumes- they were always handmade by my mom, so creative and immaculately sequined, glittered, and put together, but she can’t sew! How did she do it? HOT GLUE. I unfortunately inherited this wonderful “no-sew” skill, so when I needed a tree skirt, to the hot glue gun I went.

Because I’ll be back in WI for Christmas, it didn’t make sense to get a big, real size tree this year. Maybe next year? So I opted for a small tree and had the perfect place for it. But, I hate those plastic bases, so I needed to make a tree skirt. Now I could have gone out and bought one, but what’s the fun in that?

Supplies: fabric, rick-rack (or some other type of ribbon), and hot glue

1. I made a square skirt, so I cut a 25″ x 25″ square of fabric with 1″ extra to fold over to glue a hem… it ultimately turned into a 24″ x 24″ square.

2. Use an iron to make the 1″ hem- fold over an inch and iron a straight line. This was much easier than just trying to glue the hem right away- the fabric already wanted to be folded after ironing it.

3. Hot glue the hem on all 4 sides.

4. Attach the rick-rack (or other ribbon) on the edges.

5. Cut a slit on one side to the middle.

…a perfect, no-sew tree skirt- so simple and it really adds a fun pop of color!




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{Craft} Holiday Paper Bunting

Fun, festive paper bunting can add so much to a room. Its usually used for parties, but why not decorate with it? I’ve been wanting to make paper bunting for the longest time, I just haven’t had the patience or time to do it.

Supplies: Ribbon, 2 sheets of 3 types of paper (I used 12 x 12 scrapbook paper), double sided tape, paper cutter, hot glue gun

1. Cut the 12 x 12 squares in half- into 6 x 12 strips. Fold these in half so you have 6 x 6 squares. With the folded side at the top, make a pencil mark in the middle of the bottom at 3 inches.

2. Use the paper cutter to make triangles out of each 6 x 6 square. Line the middle pencil mark and the corner of the creased side up and cut- you’ll have one side of the triangle. Repeat on the other side and you’ll have a perfect triangle.

Step 2 (a)

Step 2 (b)

3. You can use double sided tape or hot glue, I found hot glue works best- glue the ribbon right under the fold of the triangle, and then glue the entire triangle shut. Leave enough ribbon before you start so you can tie or attach it to wherever you plan to. (Trust me its a hassle if you don’t leave enough… like I did). Repeat this as many times as needed until you have enough triangles for the length needed for your bunting.

Step 3

A festive touch in minutes!

Next project… How to make a mini tree skirt. Considering I don’t know how to sew, this should be interesting!


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