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{News} Blog Updates!

Happy Wednesday!

A rainy summer afternoon is perfect for 1) wishing I was on the beach in Cabo, and 2) for making some long overdue blog updates. If I can’t be on the beach, I might as well try to make my blog a little more “user friendly.” I’m so new to this blogging world, so it’s taken me a bit to get the hang of it. I think I finally found out how… I’m still looking to add more special touches, but take a look and enjoy!

Spring break in Cabo > hot, humid Nashville

Comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome: hilarishappenings@gmail.com




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{News} Illuminating Blogger Award Recipient!

This morning I woke up to wonderful news… I am the winner of the Illuminating Blogger Award! As I am fairly new to this whole blogging world, and really just do it to keep in touch with friends and family, I was so touched to find out that YES, people other than my mom and dad ACTUALLY read this! How fun!

Many thanks to Thea from Organized Living Essentials for this great honor! I love her blog, and I have used many of her organizing tips as I make my first place a home. So, go check it out! Also, be sure to visit Food Stories, the founding blog of this award.

There are some steps I need to follow to pass this on…

First, I have to share a random tidbit about myself. I lived/studied in Copenhagen, Denmark for about 3 months, and LOVED every second of my time abroad. If I was presented with the opportunity to move back, I would most definitely consider it. There is something wonderful about the Danish lifestyle and the kind people that live there. I hope to make a trip back in the near future!

The next step is to share links to 5 of my favorite blogs to nominate for this award as well. I am kind of obsessed with reading blogs, so it was hard to pick only 5. I look forward to reading these and seeing what new posts they have every day, often for craft, baking, or cooking inspiration!

1) Baked Perfection

2) Kara’s Party Ideas

3) The Curvy Carrot

4) Under the Table and Dreaming

5) Eat. Drink. Smile.

That’s it- Happy Monday, friends! I think it’s going to be a great week!



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