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Happy 2012!

Happy New Year!

As I think about the past year, I can only smile and hope that 2012 is as half as wonderful as 2011 was! Marked by adventures, memories to last a lifetime, and new friendships, it truly was one of the best years. Highlights include: Packers WINNING the Superbowl, a family trip to Turks and Caicos, Vanderbilt Grad School acceptance, birthdays galore, moving into my first place, countless mini-trips to visit friends across the country, and quality time with friends and family. I have high hopes for 2012, and its already off to a terrific start!

In typical fashion, I wanted to bake something for our kind friends to get their new year off to a “sweet” start… Nothing better than homemade coffee cake to welcome 2012. I’ve never made coffee cake before, so I went to Epicurious (my favorite recipe site) to find a yummy recipe. Here is the link to the one I used: Sour Cream Coffee Cake. I did make a couple substitutions, leaving out nuts, chocolate chips, and raisins, and added a little more sugar (can’t go wrong!), but I think it turned out delicious (I HAD to make one to sample, right?!).

Happy 2012!

Here’s hoping your new year is off to a super sweet start!


PS: I’m attempting to learn how to add more cool features to the blog. Slowly but surely it will be greatly improved throughout the year! Resolution #4 of 4538296795863   🙂



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