So… I’ve finally given in and am starting a blog, all because of peer pressure. For a while, my friends have been suggesting I start documenting my adventures in the kitchen, parties, and life in general, so here it goes!

A little bit about me- I absolutely LOVE to bake and cook.. anything really, except meat. I don’t cook meat. Why? It is gross and disgusting and cold and squishy, and the only way I’d think of doing anything to meat would be with 3 pairs of gloves on. And then, its only a slight possibility. Sweet treats are my specialty, and unfortunately for my family and friends, I’m sure they’ll gain at least 5 pounds this year, because I have to share, right?! I also love to decorate and do pretty much anything domestic. Laundry, cleaning, decorating, you name it, I love it. Themed parties are my thing, and I’m counting down the days until Christmas party season arrives. In my opinion, the most wonderful time of year is November 1 to January 1… bring on the holidays!

In real life, I’m in nursing school at Vanderbilt, only because my parents said I wouldn’t be successful as a wedding planner. I’m thinking they were wrong (even thought they’re always right), so in a year I’ll be a pediatric nurse practitioner and put this expensive education to good use. I’m hoping to just combine the 2 and plan my patients’ birthday parties…? Just a thought, and a really good idea I might add.




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2 responses to “Hello!

  1. Katie

    Great idea girly! I ❤ your blog and you! Happy Holidays!

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